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As one of the only companies in the world to design & engineer new solutions for electric aircraft, we are playing a key role in the shift towards zero emission."

Luke Jenkinson, Founder & Managing Director

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ELIRE Aero has recently partnered with world leaders for propulsion and drivetrain for electric engines and hybrid options. We will remain agnostic to technology advancements, looking at all options that our clients will need for their specific missions.


We will endeavour to work with our strategic partners for type certificate in the coming years, selling electric and green aircraft globally.







Ampaire are revolutionizing aviation with electric power. Their flight plan for Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond allows them to deliver electrified aircraft to airlines, manufacturers, and other customers far sooner. 

Battery Electric, Hybrid Electric and Hydrogen Electric Systems. magniX has developed a family of flight proven electric propulsion units (EPUs) and energy storage systems (ESS) for commercial aviation. ESS options include high density batteries and hydrogen fuel cells.

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ELIRE Aero is owned by ELIRE Group, also developing and engineering critical infrastructure for cities and ports to be used for transport, mobility and the transition to clean energy. This sister company is called ELIRE Infra and the lead product solution are Smart Hubs - modular, floating, multipurpose mega platforms that are perfect for AAM and our air taxi solutions.

Smart Hubs will decongest cities and enhance connectivity, making communities more liveable and boosting local economies. Smart Hubs are affordable, fast and flexible. Ultimately saving valuable time and money.

For more information check the ELIRE Infra web site:

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There is opportunity to invest in our exciting company, positioned for the next wave in aviation aircraft. We are seeking like minded corporate venture capital that add value to our journey and mission.

There is a clearly defined addressable market now for air taxi and regional air mobility, where we are projected to sell over $200M of aircraft by 2030 :

  • Existing regional airlines - passenger & cargo

  • Existing seaplane operators - globally 

  • Existing light utility market 

  • Tour operators - high end transport to resort

  • Air Taxi & intra city - AAM (advanced air mobility)

  • Air taxi amphibious (eCTOL) - The world will see waterways and sea ways be stimulated with greater use and accessibility to cities via ports, harbours and existing under utilised infrastructure. 

If you would like to discuss and to see the investment material, reach out to our Managing Director, Luke Jenkinson.


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Our team are spread across multiple continents including UK, UAE,  Europe, Canada, Australia, South East Asia, having a combination of competence and expertise from aerospace, energy and aviation to legal and investment, with commercial power to position the venture with strong global partnerships, rapid growth.

We have formidable partnerships working hard together for the past two years to establish a leading company in the next wave of electric aircraft solutions. 


We have also a large team of contractors and partners who bring regional knowledge and expertise.


If you would like to join in our exciting journey to add value to the venture, please get in contact, we are always seeking talent and energy from different markets and industries. 


ELIRE Aero Ltd is a subsidiary of ELIRE Group Ltd.

For general and media enquiries email, for a more specific response from our team please fill in the form.

Thanks for contacting us, we will be in touch shortly.

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