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70% of the global population lives within 5km of waterways.  Today’s river ports and ferry terminals present excellent access to cities for ELIRE Aero's electric amphibious capable aircraft. 

Key Capabilities

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ELIRE Aero Air Taxi:

  • Electric powered - using the worlds most advanced partners for hybrid & electric propulsion systems 

  • Amphibious capable - more than doubles available access to existing infrastructure 

  • Faster transit compared to traditional ferry routes 

  • Access to cities - have better access to cities at ports, harbours, through major rivers, lakes and waterways

  • Safety operating over water

    • Less risk for city operations

    • More options to make a routine water landing in emergency situations

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ELIRE AERO LOGO_colour_symbol.png


ELIRE Aero are collaborating with advanced technical companies and groups to research and develop hydrogen and VTOL models.

We understand the trends towards these advanced technologies and are in a strong position to develop these through our processes, systems and team.

To properly develop such technologies there needs to be solid foundations, strong commitment to AAM, and a deep understanding of the market demand, the certification process and the challenges to overcome to integrate these into society as a viable transportation mode.

Our team of industry experts, our partners, knowledge and experience make ELIRE Aero the best partner for the future. If you are establishing an exciting project in AAM we would like to hear from you.

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